Daniel T Lewis

My name is Daniel T Lewis (he/they). I'm a multi-discliplinary composer, performer, and educator, a hobbyist gardener, and a resident of Berwyn, IL. I perform all around Chicagoland in a huge variety of formats and genres. My recent projects span contemporary classical chamber music, punk, indie rock, experimental improvisation, musical theater, and jazz.

See below for more about my compositions, including scores and recordings, and for a list of my research and compositional tools, all freely available for you to use.

If you would like to help support my work, your generosity is enormously appreciated.

selected works

(score sample)

solo percussion w/ electronics

21 minutes


(score sample)

soprano & double bass

17 minutes


(score sample)

solo violin w/ freeze pedal, gravel box


score (pdf)

(not yet recorded)

(score sample)

solo baritone (or any voice)

6 minutes


(score sample)

solo bass clarinet w/ electronics & sm appliances

10 minutes


(score sample)

string trio

12 minutes


(score sample)

bass clarinet & marimba

11 minutes


research & tools

My research mostly relates to Just Intonation, overtones, harmonics, vibrational modes, and equal-division scales. I've created a series of compositional tools on Google Drive that I hope are useful or at least interesting. Before diving in, please read the "Read Me First" sheet. Feel free to use, copy, download, or distribute these tools as you like.

I'm also just starting to compile research into user interface design, data visualization, and color design for colorblindness, aimed at fostering more accessible non-standard musical notation (also on Google Drive)

For my research into the functioning and de-tuning of the Vibraphone, see my YouTube video. "De-Tuning the Vibraphone"


Please email me at:

lewis (dot) daniel (dot) t @ gmail (dot) com

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